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Inbound Tour Packages Oman

Oman is a beautiful popular tourist destination and is known as the gem of the Arabian Peninsula. This nation is well known for its diverse cultural heritage, intriguing history, and stunning natural surroundings, which include huge deserts, dazzling seas, and soaring mountain ranges. Everyone may find something to enjoy in Oman, from culture enthusiasts to adventure lovers.

Arabian Business Solutions focuses on offering excellent inbound tour packages in Oman. Our business is committed to giving our customers an extraordinary experience because we want to help them make memories that will last a lifetime.

In the sections that follow, we will go into more detail about the various Inbound Tour Packages Oman we provide as well as the benefits of working with Arabian Business Solutions for your Oman holiday.

Inbound Tour Packages Oman

Essential Tips for a Safe and Enjoyable Oman Inbound Tour Experience

Your Oman inbound tour package will be more effective if you are familiar with the country’s travel regulations, cultural customs, and safety precautions. The following tips will assist you in getting ready for your trip to Oman:

Best time to visit Oman

The climate of Oman experiences scorching summers and moderate winters. The ideal months to travel to Oman are from October to April, when the temperature is colder and more pleasant. You can engage in outdoor recreation during this time, go to historical places and natural attractions, and go to cultural events.

Visa and other prerequisites for travel

Tourists must have a valid passport and a visa, which may be obtained in person or online, in order to visit Oman. Also, visitors should make sure they have valid travel insurance and documentation of their hotel reservations.

Cultural traditions and beliefs

The conservative Muslim nation of Oman places a high priority on its traditions. Particularly while visiting mosques or other religious buildings, visitors should dress modestly. Visitors should respect local traditions and customs and avoid from drinking alcohol in public settings.

Security and safety

Due to its low crime rate and stable political environment, Oman is typically regarded as a safe destination for travelers. Visitors should, however, exercise caution by staying alert to their surroundings and avoiding protests and public gatherings. Also, visitors should be mindful of any dangers connected to outdoor pursuits like hiking or camping in the desert.

Travelers can assure a safe, pleasant, and happy experience while discovering Oman’s attractions by bearing in mind these suggestions. To make sure their journey is hassle-free and easy, we at Arabian Business Solutions additionally give our customers valuable information and assistance.

Inbound Tour Packages

Discovering Oman: A Land of Diverse Landscapes, Rich Culture, and Strategic Location

Strategic Location

Oman, often known as the Sultanate of Oman, is a Middle Eastern nation located in southwest Asia on the Arabian Peninsula.   United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen border Oman’s heartland, which is surrounded by the Arabian Sea and the Gulf of Oman.


The majority of Omanis have been agricultural workers for millennia. As large-scale petroleum production started in the late 1960s, this scenario started to alter. The government is currently attempting to diversify the economy after the country’s wealth grew mostly reliant on the oil sector. More over half of the population relies on agriculture. Manufacturing operations include the processing of crude oil, smelting copper, and producing chemicals, cement, and other products.


The enormous and stunning Wahiba Sands desert is located in Oman. It covers an area of more than 12,500 square kilometres and provides tourists with a rare chance to experience the breathtaking desert terrain. In addition to camel riding, quad biking, and overnight stays in authentic Bedouin encampment, tourists may try sand boarding.


The terrain of Oman is stunning and diversified, with imposing mountain ranges, verdant valleys, and unspoiled beaches. Visitors have the opportunity to climb and trek across rocky terrain in the Hajar Mountains where they may also find secret wadis (valleys) with pristine water. Some of the most stunning beaches in the world may be found along Oman’s coast.


The old city of Nizwa, the prehistoric tombs of Bat, and the Frankincense trees of Dhofar are just a few of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites that can be found in Oman, a country with a long and rich past. These locations provide tourists a look into Oman’s ancient past and the chance to discover the history and culture of the nation.


Oman is home to a lively, rooted culture that is strongly influenced by Islamic customs. The people of Oman are renowned for their warmth and kindness towards guests. The culture of Oman is rich, as seen by the traditional clothing, architecture, and cuisine.


Oman observes a number of festivals each year, such as the Muscat Festival, which uses live performances, exhibits, and competitions to highlight the nation’s culture, history, and legacy. Another well-known occasion that honours the monsoon season and offers cultural performances, regional cuisine, and outdoor activities is the Khareef Festival in Salalah.


Excellent potential for eco-tourism may be found in Oman. Explore the country’s many natural environments, which include its craggy mountains, immaculate beaches, and enormous deserts. Hiking, camping, bird watching, and discovering the abundant marine life in Oman’s pristine seas are all available ecotourism activities.

Explore the wonders of Oman with our Oman inbound tour packages

Inbound Tour Packages Oman

Journey into the authentic Muscat

Muscat, the capital of Oman, is a lively city that combines traditional and modern experiences for travellers. Tourists may stroll through the storied Muttrah Souk, gaze in awe at the magnificent Sultan Qaboos Great Mosque, or simply unwind on the lovely beaches.

Adventure Tours

Get Your Adrenaline Pumping

If you’re an adrenaline junkie, Oman has a variety of adventure activities to get your heart pumping. The Snake Canyon is a popular spot for canyoning, with opportunities for abseiling, scrambling, and swimming through narrow canyons. Tahiri Cave is another adventure tour destination where you can explore the limestone formations and underground rivers. Wadi Tiwi is also a must-visit destination for adventure seekers, offering stunning views of the wadi, turquoise pools, and hidden waterfalls. Our adventure tour packages offer a perfect blend of excitement and relaxation in Oman’s stunning natural landscapes.

Inbound Tour Packages Oman
Seawater Tours

Cruise the Pristine Waters of Oman

Some of the most exquisite marine life in the world may be found along Oman’s unspoiled coastline. With the help of our marine excursions, you may explore the Omani Sea’s hidden gems and its pristine seas. Bandar Kairan is a great place to go snorkelling since you can explore the colourful coral reefs and see a variety of marine life there. Our dolphin viewing cruises provide a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get up up and personal with these gorgeous animals if dolphins are your thing.

Inbound Tour Packages Oman
Heritage Tours

Uncover Oman's Rich Cultural Legacy

Experience Oman’s rich history and cultural heritage on our heritage tours. Visit ancient forts, traditional markets, and stunning mosques. Discover the UNESCO World Heritage site of Bahla Fort, the ancient city of Nizwa, and the breathtaking Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque. Our expert guides will provide insights into the country’s history and cultural traditions, making your heritage tour an enriching and memorable experience.

Inbound Tour Packages Oman
Desert Camping

Escape to Oman's Untouched Wilderness

Immerse yourself in Oman’s stunning desert landscapes with our camping tours. Spend a night under the starry sky, and wake up to the breathtaking views of the sunrise over the the desert dunes. Our camping tours are designed to provide you with a unique and authentic experience of Oman’s natural beauty.

Inbound Tour Packages Oman
Stargazing Tours

Witness the Beauty of Oman's Night Skies

Oman is the ideal location for stargazing due to its pristine sky and minimal levels of light pollution. We take you on stargazing excursions to quiet, remote areas where you can see the Milky Way, constellations, and shooting stars in all their splendor. Your stargazing tour will be a very unique and instructive experience as our knowledgeable experts will share with you about the stars and constellations.

Inbound Tour Packages Oman
Island Tours

Unwind in Oman's Serene Island Paradise

Enjoy the sea and sun while exploring Oman’s breathtaking islands with beautiful water. You can swim, snorkel, and sunbathe on the gorgeous beaches of some of Oman’s most stunning and remote islands when you join one of our clear water island cruises. Our clear water island trips provide the ideal respite from the daily struggle thanks to their pristine seas and teeming marine life.

Inbound Tour Packages Oman
Experience the best of Salalah Tours

Discover Salalah's Blue and Green Surprises

The Dhofar region’s capital, Salalah, is a beautiful location with azure lakes and verdant plains. Our Salalah tours provide you the chance to discover the area’s breathtaking beaches, waterfalls, and mountain ranges. Explore the historic Samhuram ruins, the breathtaking Al Mughsail beach, and the breathtaking Tawi Atayr sinkhole. Our Salalah trips provide the ideal fusion of the region’s natural splendour and cultural history, making for a memorable experience.

Why Choose Arabian Business Solutions for Oman Inbound Tours ?

At Arabian Business Solutions, we are mindful of the distinctive and varied offers of Oman and work to design Oman inbound tour packages that take into account the different tastes of each of our customers. The culture, history, and natural beauty of Oman are authentically experienced via the use of our packages. We provide a range of travel packages, from cultural tours to adventure excursions, which are suited for families, groups, and individuals.

Book your Oman Inbound Tour Package with Arabian Business Solutions today and experience the beauty, culture, and adventure of Oman like never before!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A variety of activities are available as part of our Oman inbound travel packages, including desert safaris, cultural excursions, mountain treks, beach vacations, and more. You may adjust your schedule to accommodate the pursuits that most appeal to you.
Yes, our tour packages are customizable. We closely collaborate with our customers to create itineraries that are tailored to their individual requirements and tastes.
The ideal months to travel to Oman are from October to April, when the temperature is colder and cosier. Our trip packages, however, are offered all year round and may be altered to suit your travel plans.
Depending on your country of origin. While certain nations may get a visa right once, others must apply for one in advance. You can get help from our consultants to get the required visa for your trip.
Oman is a safe destination for travellers, with a hospitable people. You may get tips on safety and security from our tour operators for your trip.