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Business Setup with 100% Foreign Ownership

Oman is a very business-friendly country with a strong economy and a major tourist destination. The government has made it easy with friendly regulations for businesses to set up and operate in the country. There are a number of incentives for businesses to operate in Oman. One of the main advantages is that a business setup with 100% foreign ownership in Oman is possible. This means that Oman allows 100% foreign ownership, making it an appealing place for entrepreneurs and investors who are looking to expand into Oman.

Since the Sultanate of Oman is one of the most well-liked commercial hubs on the globe, an LLC company formation is considered a highly dependable and efficient solution for doing foreign trade. At times, it might be difficult or challenging to create a company with 100% corporate ownership in Oman, so it is essential to take assistance from a professional consultant like Arabian Business Solutions.

Company Setup in Oman

100% foreign ownership in Oman

According to the recently passed Foreign Capital Investment Law, which took effect on January 7, 2020, businesses can now enjoy 100% foreign ownership in Oman except for a few services. There are roughly 37 business enterprises where 100% foreign ownership in Oman is restricted.

The reliability of overseas investment in Oman is ensured by the new law. To boost business flow in the nation, several incentives and benefits are provided.

If You Want to Setup Business in Oman

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Company Setup in Oman

Steps required to form an LLC in Oman with 100% Foreign Ownership


Choose the trade name


Prepare a business plan


Obtain the Commercial Registration (CR) application form from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry and fill in all the necessary details


Get registered with the Chamber of Commerce


Select the type of office and warehouse that match your business and obtain the lease.


Apply for a Municipal license


Register with the Ministry of Finance for annual audit and tax purposes


Submit your application to the Ministry of Manpower to obtain labor quotas or staff visas


A PRO registration on Commercial Registration is necessary for applying for visas with the Royal Oman Police


For certain kinds of business activities, you need to obtain additional approvals from the respective authorities

Company Formation in Oman

Documents Needed To Setup 100% Foreign Owned Business in Oman

Oman’s business formation documents include

I. For Individual shareholders

II. Regarding corporate shareholders

The documents listed above need to be notarized, legalized, and certified by the nation of origin. Also, these must be sent to the relevant authority in Oman for legal translation and stamping.

Business Plan

This is a new mandate from MOCI. Three components make up the business strategy.

Company Registration (CR) Submission Form

The following conditions are on this form.
Chosen business name
Shareholding pattern by country of origin and percentage of ownership: individual or corporate shareholders
Affirmation of the company's financial year
Suggested company grade, which ranges from 4 to 1. The minimum share capital needed for Grade 4 is OMR 20,000; for Grade 1, it is OMR 150,000; and for an outstanding grade, it is OMR 250,000. Depositing the share capital before forming a company is not necessary. (perfect grade is 1)
The company's projected operations
The company's authorized signatories and management, whose degree of authority ranges from administrative assistant to full manager
The shareholders have approved and endorsed the document.


Business Setup with 100% Foreign Ownership

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With the arrival of entrepreneurs and investors, business setup in Oman could be a competitive market. You need the help of the finest business consultant if you want to succeed in this industry. One of the top business setup consultants in Oman, Arabian Company Solutions will help you accomplish your business objectives.

Arabian Business Solutions sets out the easiest possibilities for LLC company creation in Oman and provides affordable services that will propel your company forward.

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Company Formation in Oman

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Business formation with 100% foreign ownership in Oman is allowed.
Transportation, recruiting sector, translation services, real estate brokerage, auto and vehicle maintenance, and the clothing industries are the major ones.
In Oman, there are four functioning free zones:
  • Sohar Free Trade Zone
  • Salalah Free Zone
  • Duqm Special Economic Zone
  • Al-Mazunah Free Zone
  • It is challenging to make a commitment to the timeframes due to the abundance of unknowable factors. Our experience indicates that you should expect the entire procedure to take only a few days once all the necessary paperwork has been submitted.
    Although each free zone has its own services, requirements, perks, and limits, they all usually provide a similar set of advantages:
  • No excise or customs taxes
  • 100% foreign ownership in Oman
  • Custom duty and personal income tax exempted
  • Full repatriation of capital or profits
  • minimal prerequisites for omanization
  • affordable utility and labour expenses
  • This is entirely dependent on your field of business, nationality, the formation of an LLC or a free zone LLC, etc. Kindly contact us for more information.
  • Limited Liability Company (LLC)
  • LLC in Free Zones
  • Branch Office
  • Representative Trade Office
  • Joint Stock Company
  • Due to the rigorous regulations governing Oman's banks, you will have to go through a number of procedures before opening a bank account. Therefore, we advise consulting qualified business consultants for assistance.