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Company Share Transfer Services in Oman

As the world moves toward a more sustainable economy, so have the methods of investing money. From the beginning of companies owned by a single person, we have progressed to the point where the majority of companies are owned by two or more people who invest money or assets in the company’s growth. As Oman has entered into various free trade agreements with various nationals, company share transfer services are in high demand among investors looking to establish a presence in Oman.

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Share Transfer

The process of transferring existing shares which also includes sharing the rights and may be duties from one partner to other instead of creating new shares. It can be either an internal transfer or an external transfer. The process of using the share transfer service in Oman seems complicated and time-consuming if you aren’t well-informed about the subject.

Some common events that entail companies doing share transfers

Company Share Transfer Services in Oman

A brief overview of the types of share transfers that can be done in Oman

An individual or a local company or an international company can do a share transfer

Individual legal type companies can only be transferred to individuals, who can be either Omani or foreigners.

The conversion of Single Person Company (SPC) into a Limited Liability Company (LLC) or vice versa is allowed.

No restrictions on transferring Omani-owned companies to ex-pats or vice versa.

All partners involved in the process (buyer and seller) are required to be present to do a share transfer. (Note: Power of Attorney will be considered.)

Company Share Transfer Services in Oman
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Required Documents for Company Share Transfer in Oman


Procedures of Company Share Transfer in Oman

Confirm your total number of shareholdings

Confirm the total number of shareholdings, the number of shareholdings that you want to transfer, and the number you want to keep.

Arrange a board meeting

Discuss with the board members and obtain approval regarding the share transfer before taking further steps.

Fill out the transfer form

The transfer form contains the details of the seller/ and buyers of shares, the type of shares and the amount to be paid. The seller has to sign the transfer form with the date.

Issue the new share certificate

 The next crucial step is the issuing of the new certificate that details the shareholdings precisely. Confirm the details are correct.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

There are two kinds of restrictions for shareholders in a private company while transferring shares. Firstly, in a Limited Liability Company (LLC), the shareholder is subject to statutory pre-emption rights bestowed upon other shareholders according to the Commercial Company Law in Oman. Secondly, the board of directors has the power to refuse the transfer of shares.
Foreign companies can own up to 70% of the share capital of an Omani company, and it can be raised to 100% with the prior approval of the Council of Ministers in Oman. 100% foreign investment is normally given to those projects that are crucial for the development of Oman’s economy or for projects that need technical expertise or knowledge that is unavailable in Oman.
Using a company share transfer service in Oman can simplify the process and ensure a smooth and efficient outcome. These services have extensive experience and knowledge of the procedures and can handle the process more effectively and efficiently than trying to navigate it on your own.